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  • Spies step up co-operation with US and Japan. Click here to read more.
  • Queensland Flood Appeal. Click here to donate to the Flood Appeal.
  • The disaster recovery hotline for the Queensland Floods is 1800 173 349 or click here to visit the Google Crisis Response site.
  • Falling out among spies. Click here to read more
  • Iran hangs accused Mossad spy. Click here to read more
  • WikiLeaks releases thousands of classified government documents. Click here to read more
  • Washington is running a secret intelligence campaign targeted at the leadership of the United Nations. Click here to read more
  • Concerns raised regarding the way law enforcement agencies access to email and text messages stored by carriers and ISPs under federal interception laws Click here to read more.
  • This super microphone can pick out single voices in a crowded staduim or public place. Click here to read more.
  • Do you have a feeling that all of your conversations are being monitored? Click here to read more.
  • Former United Nations Nuclear Chief states that listening devices were planted in his office Click here to read more.
  • Refugees in detention centres complain about eavesdropping devices placed on their communications with the outside world Click here to read more.
  • Using your BlackBerry in the UAE? BlackBerry's were under scrutiny due to the devices sending data off-shore to be managed, allowing for misuse. Click here to read more.
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  • Recently The Sydney Morning Herald contacted us and other experts in the field of mobile phone and smart phone security. It is an important and interesting read for all phone users out there. NSI have experts in this field - Read the article here.
  • In a competitive business world, business are turning to private investigators to undertake electronic counter measures (TSCM). Navid, our TSCM expert, gives some advice regarding Electronic Bug Detection and the threat to the corporate sector - Click Here

Specialist Services

  • Technical Services NSI is an experienced and professional source for all your technical surveillance counter measures needs; also known as electronic bug detection or bug sweeping. We provide a full technical and physical inspection of premises' and offer risk assessments as part of our service.
  • Private Investigator SydneyPrivate InvestigatorsOur private investigation services provide clients with peace of mind in obtaining evidence needed to make informed decisions. We have private investigators in Sydney, Private Investigator in Chatswood, Private Detectives in Parramatta and all throughout the Sydney Area and Australia Wide..
  • Management Consultancy Our Consulting division provides security advice to corporate and government client's in the form of background checks, security reviews and risk assessments, planning security for events, security project management. We also provide in depth reports on global security & intelligence and travel security reports.
  • Risk ManagementNSI are able to assist in designing and carrying out industry specific risk assessments for security related matters. All assessments are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4360 and are specifically made for our client's.
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